The Ultimate Freshwater and Saltwater Bait Box

Rippin Lips Keep Kool provides “climate controlled” comfort that keeps bait fresh

Chambersburg, PA – To escape summer’s heat, it’s nice to bask in the glory of indoor A/C. While in winter, there’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket. It’s a little concept we like to call “climate control”— one of life’s real luxuries. If comfort makes humans happy, why shouldn’t it also do wonders for bait?

It’s one thing to fish with “stinkbait” on purpose. Quite another when you’re left with a pile of unsavory, putrid or otherwise rotten bait because the container failed to comfortably house its contents. Bad bait can ruin your day. But good bait—that is to say fresh, lively or happy bait—seduces fish like nothing else on earth.

Virtual luxury lodging for livebait, Keep Kool® assures that your fish-catching critters stay juiced for the big bite. Locked inside a “climate controlled” bait station, nightcrawlers, leeches, cutbait or live baitfish retain their cool freshness for hours and even days. The secret to the Keep Kool is its innovative ice chamber, which surrounds the entire inner bait compartment with cool comfort. The foam-core insulated ice chamber boasts a 5-gallon ice capacity, which maintains an optimal bait temperature of 38- to 44-degrees for hours. Inside its own cozy quarters, completely isolated from ice melt, bait remains cool, dry and ready to allure fish—even on the hottest summer days.

“Keep Kool is quite simply the best bait cooler on earth,” says professional angler and guide John Jamison. “If you fish cutbait, nightcrawlers, leeches or even want to keep crappie minnows fresh and cool in hot weather, you need to have one of these along at all times. In tournaments, while guiding or just fishing for fun, I’ve always got a couple Keep Kool Bait Coolers in the boat.”

While its specially engineered dual bait chamber—which holds over 6-dozen crawlers— locks freshness in and keeps water out, Keep Kool features an easy pop-up lid for quick bait access. This unique lid system also allows the angler to drain water or replace ice without spilling bait. Measuring 8-7/8”L x 5”W x 5”D, Keep Kool is easy to store and transport, featuring a special locking handle that keeps the cover tight and secure. The cooler’s tough poly construction is essentially crush-proof.

“If I’m catfishing, I’ll precut my shad and put them in one Keep Kool, while a second one might contain cut skipjack fillets. Freshwater anglers often carry two, placing crawlers in one, leeches in another. On the salted seas, Keep Kool takes the heat off shrimp, squid, crabs and cutbait. You can also use Keep Kool to marinate your baits with attractant, such as Rippin Lips Scent Trail. These coolers are absolutely vital gear for every angler who uses live or natural bait.”

Available exclusively at, the Keep Kool Bait Cooler is the one and only way to protect your valuable fish-catching critters.

About Rippin Lips

Based in rural South-Central Pennsylvania, Rippin Lips ( has been creating America’s catfish-catching’est bait since 2008. Their popular Leakin Liver™ Catfish Bait—whose top-secret recipe continues to be tweaked and fine-tuned each season—offers advantages and ingredients not found in other catfish baits. 100% natural, non-messy, biodegradable, and easy to use and keep on the hook, Leakin Liver gives off a continual profuse scent trail that lasts for up to an hour, at which point the bait has completely dissolved into the water. Beyond Leakin Liver Catfish Bait, Rippin Lips also manufactures and distributes a potent line of tackle and gear, including Scent Trail™ Fish Attractant, No-Trace™ Scent Eliminator, and catfish hooks, rods and bait-keeping products. With design input and guidance from elite tournament angler and guide John Jamison, Rippin Lips is fast becoming a leading name in catfishing gear.