With the closing of inland trout in central Ontario came my last back country trout adventure of the year. I try to make it into this special place at least twice a year , it is strictly a lake trout/smallmouth bass lake and it is a beauty ! We hardly see anyone there because the only way in is to fly or if you can find them the crude atv trails .

This trip was with my brother in-law and it started out good with us making great time along the dry(this time)trails to the lake and our camping spot. Camp was quickly set up and firewood collected/cut for the weekend . The lake was calm (perfect for jigging) so we set up our rods and boat and pushed off shore to go out and nail some lake trout , well our enthusiasm quickly changed when me trusty merc. would not start . This motor has basically been to hell and back with no problems ever so after pulling on the starter cord for about 30 minutes I knew it wouldn’t start and it was going to be a looooong weekend . We decided to call it a day and just sit around the fire and have a couple rums and try to laugh at or misfortune!

We were lucky in that the two best lake trout spots on the whole lake were only 500 yards from camp so starting in the morning we would pack up or boat for the day and start paddling . To no ones surprise the two spots produced and we caught about 10 lakers that day with the 40 ft flat producing the best , here are a couple pics.


I’m not sure if anyone hear was up at 6:30 am on the 30th of September but this is what I woke up to that morning , spectacular! This is the full
moon setting in the western sky.

This is a picture of the little bay out from our camp showing how blue the water is , it is incredible actually considering all the surrounding lakes are tea stained . Pictures don’t really show the true colour!

The last day we decided to make an anchor out of a rock and sit over a shoal and jig the dropoff, this spot always produces in the fall and it did produce a couple fish but not like it has in the past , so the brother in-law started casting his jig on top of the shoal and was hammering them on top in only 10 ft of water, I guess you never know ! He outfished me on that shoal 8 to 1 He had the technique dailed in that morning for sure. This laker looked like it had swam 50 miles of river when we caught it, pretty beat up from an early spawn I guess!

The weekend ended with us totaling 20 lake trout and a couple smallies with the biggest trout coming in at around 4 lbs , we did pretty good considering what we had to deal with. The producing lures for the weekend were a 1 oz white bucktail jig with a pearl gulp minnow trailer and a 1 oz darter head jig and a pearl gulp minnow as well.

This is a shot of a nice beach on one of the lakes along the trail on the way out.

Story courtesy of Dave Goss.