Those that know me know that I am not the most technologically savvy individual on the planet. However, when it comes to fishing electronics and using them to find key fishing areas and fish, I have adapted and I must say it has increased my understanding of the Muskie’s environment and movements more than I could have ever imagined. I always thought of myself as pretty good at interpreting what I was seeing on my sonar in the past, and as the units got better with more power and higher resolution, my understanding of what was below the surface got better and better. But when Lowrance came out with their StructureScan technology for the HDS units, my world changed forever. With features like the SideScan Imaging, I can now search to the sides of my boat, out a couple hundred feet, which is a real benefit when searching for the large schools of baitfish that attract muskies this time of year. And when it comes to interpreting what’s below the boat, DownScan takes you WAY beyond regular sonar imaging. No longer do I have to guess if what I’m seeing on my screen is a school of bait, weeds or brush; now with DownScan, I get as clear a picture as possible showing me exactly what’s below the boat. Even for the technology-challenged like me, this is pretty simple stuff to learn to use, and the benefits to your fishing success will be substantial.

Lowrance HDS-10 in Sonar/DownScan split-screen

by Pete Maina